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Remy Jungerman

Photo© Aatjan Renders
Photo© Aatjan Renders

Remy Jungerman, an artist that keeps rising internationally

Last year we had the honor of hosting a special artist who’s exceptional work is revered around the world to say the least. Most certainly this led to some people getting to know Remy Jungerman better and also created more attention for him and his work. 

And, looking at his work, it is clear that it deserves all the attention. Remy’s work can now be found in renowned art galleries in Amsterdam, London and New York.

We continue to watch Remy on his remarkable journey as we think every art lover and enthusiast should do.
This year will be another special year for Remy Jungerman as he will exhibit in the prestigious Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam starting November 20th, 2021. An honor not bestowed upon many.

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, established in 1874, is a museum for modern art, contemporary art and design and is located in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The collection of the Stedelijk comprises amongst others, works bij Mondrian, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Picasso and Appel. Various works from members of different styles that belong to for example Cobra, De Stijl and Minimal Art.